Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome to my blog...

My name is Andrew Kerr and this is my blog as it relates my work in for the Episcopal Diocese of Wyoming. What I talk about in this blog are MY views, not necessarily the views of the Episcopal Diocese of Wyoming.

So, who is Andrew Kerr and why am I blog worthy? I come to the Episcopal Diocese of Wyoming via the Pacific islands of Hawaii and Guam. I used to work in education for the U.S. Dept Ed program, the Pacific Regional Technology Education Consortium (PRTEC) and later as an education consultant in the Asia/Pacific. The last couple of years I have been very mission focused in the areas of education and health education…using my education experience through the church. When I was offered the opportunity to come work in Wyoming, I was also given the opportunity to expand those mission efforts through the Diocese in Wyoming. Bishop Caldwell has encouraged me to not only keep those mission ties, but to expand on them and get folks in Wyoming involved, too.

To help explain it a little more, here is a copy of the sermon I delivered at the final service at the Wyoming Convention in Rock Springs in October 08 (is not word for word accurate as I delivered, but you get the idea)…

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